2018-19 Prize

Almost 100 short stories and more than 40 poems were submitted for the 2018-2019 Swiss Creative Writing Prize. Entries came from all over Switzerland and were of a very high standard.

After considerable amont of deliberation the Michelle Bailat-Jones (Short Story) and Padraig Rooney (Poetry) judges selected short- and long-lists and 20 writers and poets were invited to the Lili Centre in Lucerne for craft workshops and the prize-giving.


You can see all the photos from the workshops and reception here.

Short Story Prize

We had almost one hundred short stories in this category so the judge made a long list and a short list. Congratulations to everyone on these lists.

1st Prize: Amara Cespedes, Kantonsschule Kreuzlingen, Dear Father
2nd Prize: Janine Lia Horisberger, Liceo Artistico, On the other side of the glass
3rd Prize: 
Chloé Frampton, Collège Sismondi, Guerra Island

Honourable Mention: Lorie Xu, Gymnase de Renens, Moonlight’s Gift
Honourable Mention: Ronja Fankhauser, Gymnasium Hofwil, to turn into dandelions and oak wood

Short-Listed Entries

Eliane Wicki, Kantonsschule Schüpfheim, Feelings
Jasmine Ziwalig, Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland, The Magic Within Music
Julia Fasoli, Kantonsschule Romanshorn, Grace
Nick Steiner, Kantonsschule Wettingen, Home
Nicole Gesare, Gymnase de Renens, A Lost Memory

Long-Listed Entries

Anastasia Chernysheva, Kantonsschule Ausserschwyz, Sacred Wind
Catia Gubelmann, KZO Wetzikon, My Sweet Spot
Colin Müller, Kantonsschule Romanshorn, Sweet Dreams
Lilly-May Stutz, Kantonsschule Wettingen, Dear Steven
Lorella Zenklusen, Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus Brig, 1095 days
Mira Wyser, Kantonsschule Schüpfheim, The travel from a fly
Schmidlin Sina, Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland, A Foolish Young Father
Shadia Kuoni, Gymnase de Renens, Where am I?
Sophie Feuz, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld, SPAT OUT CHEWING GUM
Yavanna Leenders, Kantonsschule Romanshorn, Sun shining through honey

Poetry Prize

We had fewer entries for the Poetry Prize. The judge chose six poems for the short list, and we chose a further five poems for the long list. Once again, congratulations to everyone.

1st Prize: Ronja Fankhauser, Gymnasium Hofwil, Mum looks like she cried again
2nd Prize: Chloé Frampton, Collège Sismondi, We are the run of water
3rd Prize:
Kai Bertschi, Freies Gymnasium Zürich, The Kingfisher

Runners Up

Aurélien Gimmi, Gymnase de Beaulieu, The butter guiding to happiness
Chloé Frampton, Collège Sismondi, The water once fell in love
Sophie Odermatt, Kollegium St. Fidelis, William M. Murdoch

Long-Listed Entries

Alexia Carrillo, Gymnase de Beaulieu, Listen up!
Alphie Bongongo, Gymnase de Beaulieu, Water, Weather, Anger
Benoît Gyger, Lycée-Collège Saint-Charles, A Wife
Sophie Bucher, Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus Brig, water I
Sophie Feuz, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld, Diving Deep

Swiss Creative Writing Prize AnthologyEvery shortlisted writer received a copy of the Anthology In Their Words. 

We want to thank you all – writers, poets and teachers – for taking part in the inaugural Swiss Creative Writing Prize. Most of all, I hope you have enjoyed it, learned from it and, most importantly,  that you will keep on reading, writing and thinking for many years to come.