Poetry Prize

1st Prize: CHF 100 | 2nd Prize: CHF 75 | 3rd Prize CHF 50*

All shortlisted poets are invited to the  Writing Workshop, the Winner’s Reception and will receive a copy of The Anthology


The poetry submission portal is now open.  Shortlisted students will be contacted at the end of April and invited to the Workshop and Reception to take place on the 22nd May 2022.

Submission is free, but is limited to two poems per student. Students may submit to both the Poetry Prize and the Short Story Prize.


The Poetry Judge has decided upon the theme of “Identity” for this year’s Prize.

What is Elizabeth looking for in a poem?

““Like a good book, I appreciate poems that grab me, show me something evident that I’ve never noticed before, and make me dread their last word. Billy Collins’ An Introduction to Poetry exemplifies my concept of learning about poetry, as well as my idea of a wonderful poem.

In my case, I loved poetry as a child, thanks to my mother who read fun poems to me, wrote poems herself, and got me writing them for pleasure. When I was presented to old-school poetry in high school, however, poetry and I shunned each other. I remember being exposed to an endless version of “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” — I still have the textbook and when I look at my desperate notes in the margins, I cringe. Poetry transformed into an impossible code to crack and my own poetry suddenly looked silly; I put it back in the play box with what I considered my other childish things, for about 20 years. When I became a teacher, I swore to do everything I could to prevent that from happening to my students.”


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Entry requirements: The Poetry Prize is open to any student high-school-aged student in Swiss public upper-secondary education. There are currently no age divisions, however students must note whether they are mother-tongue English speakers, or following a bi-lingual study programme, and whether they are studying for the Maturity Certificate. The competition is not open to students from schools where the teaching is primarily in English, such as international schools, or students studying for international examinations.

Please read the rules before submitting.

*Prizes are paid in 50% cash/50% book tokens