2021-2022 Prize

2021-2022 Prize Results

Both the judges of the 2021-2022 Swiss Creative Writing Prize said how difficult it was to chose a shortlist. A lot of very good poems and short stories had to be put to one side.

While we heartily congratulate the writers and poets who made the short list, we encourage everyone to continue writing. Thank you to everyone who took part this year – students and teachers alike.

The winners and shortlisted entrants were:


1st Prize: Apricate, Lahja Wittwer, Gymnasium Hofwil
2nd Prize: Nothing left, Carole Meier, Kantonsschule Wettingen
3rd Prize museum of yourself, Moira Lansdell, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld

Shortlisted Poems (in no particular order)

A matter of definition, Dominic Chaix, Lycée Saint-Charles Porrentruy
Be like water your teachers say, Vrinda Arora, Kantonschule Wettingen
Being an animal, Jana Brack, Kantonsschule Romanshorn
Hide away, Maria Thalian, Gymnasium Liestal
I’m not okay, Andrina Randegger, Kantonsschule Romanshorn
My reflection’s identity, Lyane Cordeiro Mota Longo, Lycée Saint-Charles Porrentruy
Poppy without a name, Sulamith Tamborriello, Kantonsschule Wettingen
Questions, Leon Pfeiffer, Kantonsschule Olten
untitled, Moira Lansdell, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld
When does it finally end?, Lina Birdaini, Kantonsschule Olten

Short Story

1st Prize: Happiness Offline, Olimpia Baryła, Gymnase de Renens
2nd Prize: Ana, Ella Hirsbrunner, Gymnase de Renens
3rd Prize: radio silence, Jil Hug, Kantonsschule Wettingen
Special Mention: untitled, Lahja Wittwer, Gymnasium Hofwil

Shortlisted Stories(in no particular order)

A little happiness offline, Hugo Carreira De Oliveira, Gymnase de Renens
Down the Snake’s Throat, Sophie Feuz, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld
Memories, Mariella Barbaric, Kantonsschule Wiedikon
My Sun Kissed Fille du Sud, Sibylle Charbonnier, Gymnase Auguste Piccard
One more Star in the Sacramento River, Madison Richard, Lycée Blaise-Cendrars
Sheep, Lea Rieger, Realgymnasium Rämibühl
The perception of love, David Enste, Realgymnasium Rämibühl

All the shortlisted and winning writers and poets took part in workshops and prize giving. Each received a copy of the In Their Words Anthology.