2022-2023 Swiss Creative Writing Prize

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the 2022-2023 Swiss Creative Writing Prize. It was a pleasure and a privilege to read your work. I hope you enjoyed creating a piece of poetry or prose (or both!) and were not too disappointed if your name was not on this list. Faced with very difficult decisions, the judges were impressed by, “the obvious talent and literary skill of young people, many of whom are working in at least their second language.”

We would like to congratulate the following the students:

Short Story Prize

1st Prize

Maya Guillaume-Bourbault, A Blue Candle, Kantonschule Olten

2nd Prize

Kevin Avvisati, The Hold, Kantonsschule Wattwil

3rd Prize

Jil Hug, Strawberry Fields Forever, Kantonsschule Wettingen

Shortlist (in no particular order)

Christelle Josephine Attibissong Bekité, Homeward Bound, Gymnasium Oberaargau
Sofia Schmid, Home is Where the Birds Land, Kantonsschule Musegg
Kairós Siddhartha Diniz e Berson, The Last Stand, Gymnase du Bugnon
Elly Gächter, Waves, Kantonsschule Rychenberg
Callyanne Vessaz,, My Vision of Home. Gymnase de Beaulieu
Lahja Wittwer, Marble Thief, Gymnasium Hofwil
Carole Meier, Did We Do It?, Kantonsschule Wettingen

Poetry Prize

1st Prize

Enma Iglesias Rexach, The Word, Collège Sismondi

2nd Prize

Karina Emmeline Hill, Oh, David, Gymnasium Kirschgarten

3rd Prize

Fabienne Arslan, The songbird & the pavement, Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland

Honourable Mention

Lahja Wittwer, Hearken, Gymnasium Hofwil

Poetry Shortlist (in no particular order)

Georgie Vogiatzi, Trains, MNG Rämibühl
Karim Giudice, A Book’s Inner Voice, Kantonsschule Olten
Leonie Haag, Greatest Sin, Kantonsschule Wettingen
Nienke Nachtegaal, Lion, Kantonsschule Wettingen
Arda Kazan, Prayer, Kantonsschule Zofingen
Vrinda Arora, The Galaxy Within Me, Kantonschule Wettingen

Thank you to all the writers and poets who came to the Lili Centre on 14th May. I’d particularly like to thank Naomi Cahen who stepped in at the last moment when Paul Scraton was injured.

Short story winners with Naomi Cahen.

Poetry winners with Michelle Bailat-Jones