2020-2021 Shortlist and Winners

One of the prize judges wrote the following when returning her results, and I think it is worth repeating.

She said:

“One of the hardest things about writing, for me, is showing other people my work. It’s exposing and daunting to open yourself up to the criticism (and even the praise) that may follow. So first of all I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered this competition. It’s brave of you to write, brave to put yourself out there and be willing to be judged by others.

…Another judge may have engaged more with other stories, may have picked other winners, because that’s another thing I’ve learned through my own writing: opinions vary, no one likes everything, different stories appeal to different people and you can’t please everyone. So continue to be brave – write what you’re passionate about, show your work to others when you feel able, take on board the criticism (and be honest with yourself in assessing it) but find the self-confidence to pursue the ideas and the writing style that are uniquely yours. You are your own best judge.”

The results were:

Short Story Prize

1st Prize: Sabrina Caflisch, The Family Tree

2nd Prize: Rrezarte Ismaili, This Feeling

3rd Prize: Sage Camille Nussbaum, Faded Sun

Shortlisted Entries (in no particular order)

Salome Bachmann, Christmas Crisis

Thiên-my, Just three days

Elyna Vagnières, Coming out of the closet

Alanis Waefler, The grief of a brother

Enya Fritschy, My Memory Update

Klara Stojiljkovic, A somber victory

Jil Hug, Trapeze Act

Poetry Prize*

1st Prize: Imè Esenam, Black coffee or To all the girls with hard to swallow names

2nd Prize: Imè Esenam, To be black, to be woman

3rd Prize: Sophie Feuz, Social Media

Shortlisted Entries (in no particular order)

Carla Honold, Lying

Lilly-May Stutz, The Pilot

Maude Décrind, Lavender and Lilac

Maria Thalian, Golden Strings

Noemi Roth, Since the Start

Sophie Schwarz, They can’t burn us all

Srishti Manivel, experiencing life

Andrina Heckendorn, Lost connection

Carla Honold, Rite of passage — a sonnet

We were in the unusual position of having the same poet claim first and second prize. All the poems and short stories were judged anonymously and this came to light only after the judge returned her selection. As another poet had two entries, we extended the shortlist to 12.

Prize Giving

The writers and poets spent a day at the Lili Centre in Luzern where the took part in writing workshops and were presented with their prizes and anthologies. Here is a selection of photos:

Poets at work
Writers enjoying the sunshine