Short Story Prize

1st Prize: CHF 250 | 2nd Prize: CHF 125 | 3rd Prize CHF 100*

All shortlisted writers are invited to the  Writing Workshop, the Winner’s Reception and will receive a copy of The Anthology

Submissions: Stories can be submitted from 7th October 2018 until midday, Friday 3rd April 2020.

Shortlisted students will be contacted at the end of April and invited to the Workshop and Reception to take place in May 2020.

Submission is free, but is limited to one story per student. Students may submit to both the Poetry Prize and the Short Story Prize.


Jon Steele, the Stort Story Prize Judge has chosen ‘Memory’ as this year’s Theme. He writes:

“Given my relationship with the weight of memory, and the impact it has on my life, I would like to suggest “Memory” as this year’s theme. I leave it to each writer to develop the theme as they wish.

See, I have a curious idea about memory. In my muddled head, memory is more than the result of a series of chemical reactions in the hippocampus region of the human brain. In my head, memory is time travel. Indeed, it was a concept I embedded in the characters of The Angelus Trilogy. But that’s my how things are in my head. I am excited to see how the writers approach the theme in their own words.

It can be a story reflecting the concept of memory, a personal memory, someone else’s memory, a first memory, a final memory, a haunting memory, a foggy memory, a memory that is clear as a bell__what I’m interested in is the effect of a memory, or a string of memories, on the character(s) of the writer’s story.

There are no bounds as to style or content. First person, second person, or maybe it’s not a person at all. Maybe it’s a lost dog trying to remember the way home; maybe it’s an old tree along Lake Geneva about to be chopped down, trying to remember all the springs and summers of its long life. Funny, dramatic, simple, densely layered, realistic or a wild trip of imagination.

The only guide I would offer is for each writer to remember that filling a black page with words__words that tell a story designed to carry a reader to another place__is a singular act of bravery. So while this is a competition, I want every writer to know you have my deepest I admiration before you even begin. And I very much look forward to reading your words.”

Word Limit: There is a 1,000 word limit, not including the title.

Entry requirements: The Short Story Prize is open to any student high-school-aged student in Swiss public upper-secondary education. There are currently no age divisions, however students must note whether they are mother-tongue English speakers, or following a bi-lingual study programme, and whether they are studying for the Maturity Certificate. The competition is not open to students from schools where the teaching is primarily in English, such as international schools, or students studying for international examinations.

Please read the rules before submitting.



*Prizes are paid in 50% cash/50% book tokens